Some shots of the HTPC

Hi, I got a request for some shots of the hardware, so here they are..

Here’s a shot with the light on, and the display scrolling. Since I shot with a long exposure It looks blurred

Here’s a “video-snutt” of the display in action

I was actually surprised to see that this case had a LCD-display. All the reviews I read tested the silver-version of the case and that comes with a VFD-display that I feel would worked much better. I think what bugs me the most is the blue light, had it only been white! It almost looks tacky I think. I mean, I like blue, but it doesn’t quite fit in here. Oh well. I can read it from the sofa three meters away but the viewing-angle is about 45 degrees to either side, but when the room is too bright you got problems seeing it, and my living room has the evening sun, and that’s quite annoying film-vice up here in Norway in the summers.. Anyways.. ..more pictures:

Here’s a shot inside. As you can see: I’ve hooked the two scythe fans to the MB, since they have a four-pin connector the MB is able to control them both- I can’t hear them.. But, the wires where to short.. ..I had to take a short-cut.. 😉

Here you see top down, and to the left of the heat sink you see an obstruction, it makes the air go from the back and into the heat sink and then out the side with the fans, nice detail!

I got some question about cooler clearance and although the Minja (Ninja Mini) is shorter then its bigger brother, ii is still as wide as him. So yes, if you got memory-modules that are higher than normal, it could cause a problem, since the Mina covers the first memory-slot.

I had a cheapo memory-set from Kingston and I even got enough space to remove and insert the memory without problems..

(Sorry for the bad light, I had to use macro-setting and it doesn’t allow flash, and I was lazy so all I found was a small flash light)

I came across this when I hooked up my MB with all the cables:

I thought that Antec just made a mistake and used two of the same plug, so I hooked one to the power-switch and the other to power-led, and got both light and power-on button to work. But a little later on I got to reading some of the iMon-manuals, and I realized that one of the power-SW should be hooked up to the LCD-display. Bummer, well nothing ruined on the MB luckily, and now I finally understood the drawing that came with the case (I took a look at it when I opened the box but didn’t quite get it – see for your self)

lcd-power-sw (pdf-document)

OK, it’s upside down, I could have fixed that, but how they got it to be mirrored, I still don’t know!

The MB included two sata-cables. The nifty thing about them was that they both had clip so they din’t easily loosen, and one of them got a 90 degrees bend in one end. Sweet.

That-eeh-that-eeh-that’s all folks! If anyone has some spesial photo-shots requests, I’ll try to upsdate this post..


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One Response to “Some shots of the HTPC”

  1. MK Says:


    can you send me the settings of your display?

    Kind regards

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