New HTPC: HD install and mod

Exiting to have a new PC, so much in fact that it’s hard to put it down and write about it instead. Issues I’d like to write about has been piling up. But here are some photos of when I installed the hard drive – can someone say the word bungee?

I choose a 2’5 inch HD so that I could get a quiet and power-friendly HD, since I’ve been reading about it at And now, after reading some more in their forums, I’ve silenced it even more with this wonder-product:

Clear Stretch Magic (

I bought three rolls, and my wife added a couple of jewlery to the list so she’s happy now šŸ˜‰

First I had to jack up the rig, and I found a perfect tool for the job. A CPU-box, an AMD-box to be precise:

Click for larger views

Then I cut 4 equally long pieces of stretch magic, and looped them through each of the screw holes in the HD. I tried to stretch the string heavily when in the holes to see if the string would snap or have cutmarks, but I couldn’t spot any. Then I tied a knot ensuring to tighten them good.

I used a paper-clip to secure the threads, one at the top and one at the bottom. The strings are just tensioned enough to hold the HD up in the air, if I had tighten it more I’m afraid the string may snap after a while.

And to finish it of, here’s a video-clip of the action:


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