New HTPC: CPU install.. ..and reinstall

When installing the CPU I had no problems, the clip-on design on the AM2 socket is an old and proved solution for fastening the cooler. Of cource the design has changed, because of the mass increase of weigth that the new super-duper ripped coolers. And maybe the Scythe Ninja Mini was somewhat an overkill for the CPU, so what? It may come in handy if I upgrade to a Quad-Core later on. (I said if) Anyways, later a problem arose as you can read further down in my post..

So here I have some pictures again. I like pictures, they really do help when I’m planning to buy a system, a car or even a toaster. So hopefully they may help some others out there..

First some close-ups of the AMD boxed CPU and unwrapped (click on image for a slightly bigger one):

And I noticed that the quality of the casebage is downright terrible. And as you see, they are using far more resources to verufy that this is a genuine AMD-CPU. Have any one of you seen a fake AMD before?

To do the task of transfering the heat from the CPU to the heatspreader I’ve come across a nifty product from Zalman: much easier than the syringe-type and a razorblade..

Over to the cooler, a Scythe Ninja Mini, or more popular called a Minja. I was amazed by the finish of the base, it’s mirror-like..

But what’s this, the ink from the protective sheet is sticking to the surface? I forgot where I put the cleaning liquids, and the paste on the CPU was drying, so I left it on, it could not do too much damage?

To attach the cooler to the CPU was quite easy, though I had to use some force to get the fasteners down on the hooks..

..and so I ran my PC for a couple of sessions, I didn’t want to replace the Northbridge heatsink until I was sertain that I got a fully functual motherboard. Then I desided to replace the NB-HS (I’ll post about that later) and doing so I had to remove the CPU-cooler, and to my supprise I saw this:

That’s right! For two days I’ve been running a computer without effective cooling of the CPU. The problem should become quite clear when you see a close-up of the cooler: you see how the reflections from the curtains in the back has sort of a ripple at the edge of the base? It’s because the edge is higher than the rest of the surface, it was worst at the corners… I had to find my trusty grinding sheets (is that what it’s called?) I used duck(ted) tape to fasten the sheet to our stove, (since I’d reconned that it would be the flattest surface in my home that wouldn’t give out to much) added some water and started grinding, first at 400

Then I did a test to see how well it fitted:

..not perfect, but I’m satisfied. Then I rinsed it, and grinded it at 800 and finished of with 1200. The result:

..added some paste and reassembeled..

I’m still quite bothered about Scythe and their lack of quality-control. And since the CPU seemed to get along quite fine without the help of the Minja, I’m even more shure that it is a bit overkill..


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