Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Bootscreen

Recently I got my server up and running, after months of to and from. I had an old computer with Pentium 233 MMX but I though that it might be a little on the weak side. I got a hold of an Pentium III board, but when I tried installing Ubuntu Server it just freezed on various points in the installation. And then it toasted the PSU and another after that. So no Pentium III! Tried with an old Socket A with Athlon +1600, Ubuntu install went smooth, but after restart I couldn’t boot to my “Promise SATA300 TX2plus” add-on card. So I bought a second-hand Socket A but still the same problem. But after booting with a “Super Grub” disk I found out that the Promise of some weird reason, switched the ID’s of the three HD’s around. So after some trials and errors I got it working!!

So for about a month I’ve got my server running.. ..and hopefully I’ll get around to writing more of my experience with my server..


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