Nye sommerdekk

22. March 2010

Da sommerdekkene fra ifjor var på tide å skiftes ut, bestemte jeg meg for at jeg skulle prøve å bestille på internett. Etter litt søk frem og tilbake, landet jeg på Sharif.no. De tilbyr rimelige dekk og felger, og kan også tilby ferdigmonterte dekkpakker. Jeg benyttet meg av dekkpakke-tilbudet, og fylte ut informasjon om bilen min. Bestemte meg tilslutt å holde meg til orginal dimmensjon på dekk og felg: 185/65R14 (så litt på 195/55R15, men dette ble nesten en høvding dyrere)
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Some shots of the HTPC

6. August 2008

Hi, I got a request for some shots of the hardware, so here they are..

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New HTPC: Replacing the north-bridge heatsink

3. August 2008

Since the nortbridge on the Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H is so powerful with its integrated GPU you would think that Gigabyte had placed a desent heatsink to cool it down. But many owners of this HK are conserned that the temperatures of the northbridge are too high. I tried to put my finger down on the HS but after a second i had to retreat and I saw a clear mark at my finger for where the fins are. And that was when the PC just idled and I looked at the BIOS-menus! So, in advance, I bought a Thermalright HR-05/IFX to help with the cooling..

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New HTPC: CPU install.. ..and reinstall

30. July 2008

When installing the CPU I had no problems, the clip-on design on the AM2 socket is an old and proved solution for fastening the cooler. Of cource the design has changed, because of the mass increase of weigth that the new super-duper ripped coolers. And maybe the Scythe Ninja Mini was somewhat an overkill for the CPU, so what? It may come in handy if I upgrade to a Quad-Core later on. (I said if) Anyways, later a problem arose as you can read further down in my post.. Read the rest of this entry »

New HTPC: HD install and mod

30. July 2008

Exiting to have a new PC, so much in fact that it’s hard to put it down and write about it instead. Issues I’d like to write about has been piling up. But here are some photos of when I installed the hard drive – can someone say the word bungee? Read the rest of this entry »

New HTPC in the works (The hardware – part 2)

24. July 2008

Well, what do you know! I forgot to list up some of the hardware. So here it is.. Read the rest of this entry »

New HTPC in the works. (The software)

23. July 2008

So. A PC-box aint good for nothing if it hasn’t got any thing on it. Ok.. ..how many Vista fans are there out there? Ok.. ..maybe not that many, but I’m sticking to Vista because my overall experience has been good. I first installed it on my PC in September last year, and after some casual restarts I updated my BIOS and it’s been swell after that. Only complaint is that the BIOS update didn’t work with cool’n’quiet.. Bummer.. Anywho.. ..here’s the list of the software: Read the rest of this entry »

New HTPC in the works. (The hardware)

20. July 2008

I’ve been thinking about building a PC for my TV for quite some time now, and now I finaly got the money to go through with it.. Up until now, I’ve always just partialy upgraded my PC’s, but in this one every thing is going to be shiny new (exept maybe not the PSU). So here are the parts that I’ve just ordered, read on.. Read the rest of this entry »

Server- The hardware

20. September 2007

My server

My new server consist of the following hardware:

So, almost brand new actually. I was considering buying a LGA775 board with a Celeron CPU, but I went way over budget when I was having trouble with a previously mentioned Pentium III board. (I was also tired of opening and closing the case all the time)

This will do for the moment. If all goes well and none of the hardware malfunction, I won’t be upgrading for at least a couple of years. (But don’t be surprised if I do)

Ubuntu Server

19. September 2007

Ubuntu Bootscreen

Recently I got my server up and running, after months of to and from. I had an old computer with Pentium 233 MMX but I though that it might be a little on the weak side. I got a hold of an Pentium III board, but when I tried installing Ubuntu Server it just freezed on various points in the installation. And then it toasted the PSU and another after that. So no Pentium III! Tried with an old Socket A with Athlon +1600, Ubuntu install went smooth, but after restart I couldn’t boot to my “Promise SATA300 TX2plus” add-on card. So I bought a second-hand Socket A but still the same problem. But after booting with a “Super Grub” disk I found out that the Promise of some weird reason, switched the ID’s of the three HD’s around. So after some trials and errors I got it working!!

So for about a month I’ve got my server running.. ..and hopefully I’ll get around to writing more of my experience with my server..